Saturday, October 13, 2007


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another gift, this time for Paige. It's her birthday.

i decided to to a sunflower for her because she loves them. Hopefully this will look nice in her kitchen.

So, here's the play by play:

Started out with a sketch

My first move was to paint the petals and the centre with a wash of Lemon Yellow
then i went in with a few darker yellows and added some shadows to give the petals shape.

i added layers of yellow ochre and mixed with browns into the centre then i added a bit of backround trying out the wet-in-wet techniques. not too shabby.
i kinda liked i like this, with the white in the back, but it seemed unfinished...

and then i added the dark background and the flower seemed to POP

the last step was to do an ink outline. et Voila! c'est fini!!
Happy Birthday Paige!!

"sunflower" watercolour and ink 5" x 7"
a gift for Paige.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Name this turtle....

This is my latest creation in my ceramics class with Paige . i wanted to name him after the paratrooping turtle in Ernest Goes to Camp - but i can't remember what that name is. Anyway, he was an ashtray i started in the spring - intended for the outdoor BBQ season for all my friends who smoke, so they wouldn't have to ash into beer bottles, and eventually get drunk enough to forget which beer they were ashing in and which beer they were drinking.

oh well, next year i guess. He is pretty darn cute though.

my studio

Tea For Two

last month after my success with my own breast, i decided to try a different subject.

i have to say i'm quite impressed with this one. i could still improve on my backgrounds a bit, but it's getting better.

i found that my biggest downfall was impatience. I need to let the paint dry between coats or else it turns into a bleedy mess. boourns. So after figuring that one out, i brought in my hair dryer and we were in business!!

"tea for two" watercolour and ink 5"x7"

a gift for Teeni