Thursday, June 7, 2007

Faery Bride

i've been working on this one for 2 nights now... i'm thinking the problem with Laura and watercolour is the lack of patience. I have a really hard time letting things dry. i just want to get the next layer of paint in. Again, i think i could do a little more work in my backgrounds.

i could probably done/do some more to this painting to make it better, but i was afraid i would wreck i was just getting more frustrated.

I really love the way the Faery turned out though. the dress, the bouquet, i'm happy - except for that left eye that i just couldn't fix.

This is actually very VERY similar to my wedding dress, i didn't really realize it until i had drawn the faery. and the picture i used as a reference is one that B-rad took of me on our honeymoon... so i called it 'waiting bride'.

I only hope i'll look back at this one someday and discover i've come a long way.

in need of development...

i did some more painting last night...i've come to realize i really need to work on my ability to paint backgrounds. the green blobs behind the hibiscus look nothing like leaves. Here's the photo:
I find the pinks the hardest to there is no pink, only red with water. But it's all about the learning. i tried to do some freehanded abstract stuff last night, i've been reading a book about letting the paint "dance" across the paper.... my paint was two left feet, cuz there was no dancing to be had. sigh.
oh well,
onward and upward.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hawaiian Hibiscus

My friend Kate took the photo, i did the paint...
i'm trying to brush up on my watercolour skillz of an artist... this is the first painting done with the new paints i bought on the weekend. I'm a little rusty, obviously.