Friday, January 4, 2008

Word!! She's so tough and Stuff

Look at her. Isn't she the cutest thing alive? yes. yes she is. This is the wee little daughter of my very good friends Fourleafclover and V. They marinate themselves some pretty adorable chitlins.
Anyway, a long time ago, i posted on this blog about making my first ever baby sweater, and hat, and booties. Well, here they are in all her glory! She looks so warm, and gangta-ish. like she's ready to totally bust a cap in someone's diaper.
i asked her a while back for a picture to post of her wearing the gear, and she complied shortly after, but then i got busy and wasn't able to get my act together long enough to do it. UNTIL NOW!
There are more things missing from this blog, too. Now that i think about it.
There were a few crafty items that were created as Festivus gifts, and it being Festivus - i didn't want to post anything for fear of them sneakin' a peek.
But a few things are:
A Ceramic Angel that i made for my mother in law - no picture. dang.
A Ceramic Fairy that i made for my sister-in-law, again, no picture... dang
and a Watercolour of a Fairy for the same sister-in-law... again... no picture.
maybe she'll be so kind as to take a picture for me so i can post it. oh, and for Festivus she gave me watercolour paper... her funny way of hinting that she wanted a painting.... lol....
and as one of my new years suggestions was to take up knitting again, maybe i'll post more stuff soon.