Friday, March 5, 2010

Art Journal Prompt #1

The first prompt for the art journal was the word "What".

I had journaled what i felt was holding me back from being artistic. Then i cut the letters for the word WHAT out of cardstock, and adhered them to the page. After painting over the journaling, i removed the cardstock letters to show the writing underneath.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Art Journal Journey

On my journey to live a life that is more creative I found this website about artjournalling - They put out a prompt on the 15th and the 30th of the month, which was great because i'm pretty sure that committing to 24 artistic pages throughout the year was not going to stress me out.

Rather than buying a new sketchbook or journal, i decided to create an altered book for my art journal.

So I went to the used book store downtown a few weeks ago and bought myself a spanky-new-to-me old book (published in 1926).

but, boyhowdy, did I ever feel like a traitor in the bookstore.

The guy saw me looking at old books and he really wanted to make sure that I saw a bunch of rare editions of certain books… if he only knew what I was going to do to that little book “Betty Gordon in Mexican Wilds”…he’d probably cry.

So, what I did was glue about 5 pages together, and then taped the edge to make one thicker ‘page’. Then I ripped out about 5 more pages to make some space for any type of thickness, like glueing etc… after I had all my ‘pages’ made, I used some white gesso and painted them to give them a ‘tooth’ so that if I choose to do any painting or whatever, I can. It’s pretty sweet so far… I took some pictures with my phone - voila.

my little book - about to be altered... drastically.... i will do something to the cover, eventually.

Glooooo!!! i glued about 5 pages together

Next i ripped out about 3 pages in between the glued 'folio's.

With the pages removed there is space for any Thickening of the pages that may occur.

I also added some masking tape to the edges of the 'pages' together for added stability.

We'll see how this goes. i've done a few pages already, which i will post... but i always seem to forget to do anything fun, like layering or collaging... there's still time.

what's happening?

When the big ball dropped on New Year's Eve bringing in the new year, i made only one resolution. I decided i was finished with resolving to exercise, to eat better, to fit into my skinny-jeans.

i resolved to find ways in my life to live more creatively.

So, here we are into march of twenty-ten and i am pleased to say that i've finally found a resolution that i can stick to for more than three weeks.

I started zentangling just before christmas - it's been great.

I have also been knitting - a pair of legwarmers.

and i've also decided to try my hand at art journaling. So i joined a ning group - A year in the life of an art journal, and that's been very fulfilling as well.

I wanted to share some of the stuff i've done... so stay tuned.